Trump tapes reflect ‘deep-seated culture of violence against women’

October 11, 2016 2016, Sexual harassment in public

Trump tapes reflect ‘deep-seated culture of violence against women’
Statement from global human rights organization Breakthrough

NEW YORK — Last week, videotapes emerged showing Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump boasting about sexually harassing and assaulting women. Phoebe Schreiner, U.S. country director of global human rights group Breakthrough, released the following statement in response:

“Unfortunately, Donald Trump’s comments about his treatment of women are not the least bit surprising. In a culture that normalizes entitlement to women’s bodies and a deep valuing of men’s lives over women’s, this is just another day. These tapes exemplify the interconnectedness of power, privilege and a society that normalizes treating women like property.

“Trump’s statements are emblematic of the deep-seated culture of violence against women in which we live. Our status quo allows those in power to act with impunity, protecting the reputations of people and institutions responsible for perpetuating rape culture.

“Breakthrough stands with survivors of sexual violence, and we denounce words and actions that seek to dehumanize women every day. We will not rest until the cultural norms that produce that perpetuate such violence are universally rejected.”


Breakthrough is a global human rights organization working to make violence and discrimination against women and girls unacceptable. Our cutting-edge multimedia campaigns, community mobilization, agenda-setting and leadership training equip men and women worldwide to challenge the status quo and take bold action for the dignity, equality and justice of all.