Ren “R” Ferari

Creative Associate

R Ferari is a New York City-based graphic designer, media producer, and media representation theorist. Born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, they moved to NYC to pursue a degree in Graphic Design & Media Production from Marymount Manhattan College. Their thesis was on constructive representations of masculinity in popular video games.

R is currently a Creative Associate at Breakthrough U.S., giving support to the program team by designing graphics for social media, press kits, print materials, video assets, and publications as well as being the on-set photographer for video productions. R also provides their skills on post-production video and photo editing.

In their free time, R enjoys playing too many video games and listening to too many podcasts. Their plans for the future include, but are not limited to: getting a doctorate, becoming a fromager despite their lactose sensitivity, and finding the world’s best caesar salad.

You can find more details by yelling into the wind.

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