Mallika Dutt

Founding President Emeritus

Mallika Dutt is a leading innovator in human rights, multimedia, and culture change. She combines her creative advocacy for social justice with a spiritual healing practice that connects planet, people, and purpose. Her work inspires a diverse community of change-makers dedicated to replacing the social norms that perpetuate inequality and violence with the bedrock value of respect for all.

Mallika is the founder of Breakthrough and served as President and CEO of the organization from its founding in 2000 through early 2017.

Mallika has worked for more three decades to expand and deliver civil rights, economic and environmental justice, progressive public policy, and global health.

Her achievements include co-founding Sakhi for South Asian Women, initiating the Ford Foundation’s work on police reform in India, and acting as Associate Director of the Center for Women’s Global Leadership at Rutgers University that led the global movement that recognizes women’s rights as human rights, In 2012, Mallika received an honorary doctorate from Mount Holyoke in recognition of her pioneering accomplishments.

Mallika graduated from NYU Law School and holds a Masters in International Affairs and South Asian Studies from Columbia University as well as an A.B. in International Affairs from Mount Holyoke College. She recently received a certificate in shamanic studies and energy medicine from The Four Winds.