Lynn Harris

Creative Strategy Consultant

As Breakthrough’s Creative Strategy Consultant, Lynn Harris helps guide Breakthrough in the areas of creative strategy, communications, and comedy.

Lynn was until last fall Breakthrough’s VP of Communications at Breakthrough. From there, her lifelong passion for what gets her up in the morning (social change) and what keeps her up at night (pop culture) led her to found GOLD Comedy (, a social impact startup designed to give girls and women the tools to find their funny and the platforms to share it with the world.  

During her tenure, Lynn’s blend of humor and advocacy helped drive some of Breakthrough’s most visible and highest-impact programming in the U.S., including the “Be That Guy” animations screened on NASCAR and Indy 500 jumbotrons. She also led strategy and production on Dudes Against Violence Against Women: Because DUH, the two sold-out comedy shows that reached more than 38 million people and increased revenue by 300% in year two. A veteran standup comic and award-winning journalist and novelist, Lynn has written for The New York Times, The New York Times Magazine, The Washington Post, Salon, Glamour, and a twenty-year career’s worth of national newspapers, magazines, and literary anthologies. She is co-creator, with super-genius Chris Kalb, of the award-winning Breakup Girl ( Lynn also played Tonya Harding on Geraldo!, which is a really long story.