Lider Restrepo Staff Photo

Lider Restrepo

Manager of Community Connections

Lider Restrepo is an activist and writer born and raised in Chicago and now living in Brooklyn. He got his activist start marching for migrant justice and handing out fliers on college campuses. After a few years of living in New York City and finding his bearings, Lider returned to organizing, rapidly descending into the exciting, exhausting, and essential world of building social movements made up of the people who have a direct interest in pushing for change. Far from being an expert in any particular space, Lider has experience organizing around healthcare, antiracism, climate justice, reproductive justice, and migrant justice.

At Breakthrough, Lider makes and maintains connections with communities, activists, and organizations that are organizing in different movements with the aim of exchanging knowledge, facilitating collaboration, and developing partnerships on projects and campaigns. One of the most important things an activist or group can do is stay connected to other movements and exercise solidarity in today’s struggles and the ones to come.

When Lider isn’t up to his eyeballs in political organizing, he’s writing about it in short fiction and poetry, reading about it in tomes of political history and theory, arguing about it during quests to find the perfect fried chicken, and dreaming about it when napping under the sun with a michelada by his side. He loves to debate–though his friends would call it just arguing–over beer at a local spot. He doesn’t stray too far from his neighborhood if he doesn’t have to and hopes to one day be the eccentric old person everyone knows and tolerates.