Alisha Tené Bunting

Alisha Tené Bunting

Creative Manager

As Creative Manager, Alisha Tené Bunting conceptualizes and designs multimedia campaigns for Breakthrough. Alisha joins Breakthrough with a diverse background in tech, film, health, and social activism. She has done everything from film production to video game development.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Alisha holds a BA in Communication Arts with a concentration in Creative Media and a minor in graphic design from Marymount Manhattan College. Alisha spent her last two years at Marymount developing a prototype for her virtual reality video game The First Break: A Priori that she is still pursuing in her free time.

Among other things, Alisha is a passionate learner, teacher, and muser of life. She enjoys cycling, hiking, and trying new foods. Alisha is an avid video gamer and horror movie aficionado. On a week night you can probably find her watching a nostalgic 80s horror like an American Werewolf in London or Hellraiser.

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