How Can Campus Culture Prevent Or Promote Sexual Violence?

Sexual violence is part of the culture on campus and beyond. We can all have a role in creating—or challenging—that culture. The first step in challenging that culture is to understand it–and with this graphic, you’ll do just that!

This graphic is a starting point, and couldn’t possibly capture every potential factor relating to sexual violence. Use it to start a conversation and spark action, and as a guide to disrupt and change your campus’s culture.

The bottom half of the graphic can help identify what you and others feel are the most prevalent and harmful cultural norms and practices on your campus. The top half will  help you figure out what you are aiming for – what a culture might look like where respect, healthy relationships, safety and consent are the norm.

We all have the power to drive culture change. Our small actions add up and trigger others. We hope this graphic will get you started–and that you’ll start taking action to transform your campus for the better!

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*This graphic is not all-inclusive or exhaustive, but maps the key cultural factors that relate to campus sexual violence. Sexual violence can be committed by or against anyone, regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, age, race, immigration status, or any other identity.  For more information on campus culture that can prevent or promote sexual violence, contact