#selfies4school campaign concludes, garners humongous response

I am in DNA of South Delhi


“Gar ho sake to ab koi shama jalayein (Let’s light a flame  if possible),” hummed the popular band Indian Ocean at Select City Walk on Thursday appealing the people to join the cause of girl child education. The thought-provoking performance concluded the #Selfies4School campaign  that had been running across three cities – Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai – for the past three weeks.

“As a group, we have always been strong advocates for change and we believe the situation of  girls in our country needs to change. The more the people participate, the faster we can bring about this revolution. We owe this to the women of our country,” asserted the band members during  a press conference. The event also commemorated the International Day of the Girl Child, international observance day declared by United Nations on October 11.

#Selfies4School campaign, organised by Vodafone Foundation and global human rights organisation, Breakthrough has been able to mobilise around 19 million people across the country. The campaign has endeavoured to bring the issue of gender disparity in the country to the forefront, emphasising that tens of thousands of girls in the country suffer from extremely low literacy rates, poor health outcomes and alarming rates of child marriages in the absence of proper education facilities. Moreover, Vodafone Foundation, which is funding the education of girls through the NGO – Educate girls – has decided to match the pledge of 5800 selfies received from across the country, to send 58,000 girls to school.

The campaign has been able to garner around 50 million impressions on Facebook and 10 million impressions on Twitter. The online campaign has been able to engage 2.61 lakh users. Across 10 days of activation in Bengaluru, 2,327 selfies were received from the city; while  Mumbai logged in 2,177 selfies and number of selfies received across Delhi has been 1,537.

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