NASCAR Indy 500 Jumbotron to feature human rights group’s animated PSA to change culture of sexual harassment and violence against women

Greene County Daily World


On Sunday, global human rights group Breakthrough will be back at the Indy 500. The Jumbotron will feature an animated public service announcement (PSA) from Breakthrough’s “Be That Guy” campaign, which urges men to take a stand when they see women disrespected. Similar Breakthrough PSAs have been featured at sporting events including the Daytona 500, Miami Speedway Championship, Brickyard 400 and Packers tailgating events outside Lambeau Field. At a time when the connection between sports and violence against women is receiving national scrutiny, Breakthrough’s PSA calls on sports fans to ensure stadiums are places where all spectators are safe and respected.

“The Indy 500 Jumbotron is one of the most visible, mainstream spaces in the United States,” said Breakthrough Vice President and U.S. Country Director Phoebe Schreiner. “This past year, sports fans across the country have helped drive change by taking a stand against violence against women. Bringing Breakthrough’s message to the Indy 500 is key to continue to fuel this momentum for change.

Since 2013, Breakthrough’s “Be That Guy” PSAs have been played at 14 sporting events and have reached an audience of 3.5 million. After watching Breakthrough’s PSAs, 44 percent of viewers noted they were “more likely to take action” in response to witnessing incidents of disrespect against women.

Recently, Breakthrough took the sports world by storm with its successful #NoMayPac campaign, which urged sports fans to do “literally anything” rather than watch the Floyd “Money” Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao pay-per-view fight. Breakthrough took this stance in response to Floyd Mayweather’s repeated history of domestic violence incidents — stating that it was taking a stand since mainstream media and professional boxing would not. This successful campaign reached nearly 45 million and sent a clear message that sports fans believe domestic violence is unacceptable.

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