Bell Bajao – Ring Ring to stop domestic violence

Rashmi Mishra


What is your first reaction if you hear a woman shouting while she is brutally beaten by her husband in your neighbourhood? Not much we guess. Either you pass it as routine event or simply ignore it as a third party’s interference. To change this nonchalant attitude Breakthrough – an international human rights body came up with Bell Bajao – A Campaign to Stop Domestic Violence.

This advertisement shall serve as an eye opener for many of us. It will help you reach a solution to curb this sickening act of domestic violence which is affecting one out of every three women in India.

One of the many advertisements in series, this advertisement is sure to catch your eyes. A man (played superbly by Boman Irani) is seen cleaning his bike when he hears a woman’s pleas while his husband continues to savagely assault her. Hearing this he moves to the couple’s apartment to make a call!

See for yourself how beautifully this ad progresses.

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