Activists Say Domestic Violence Has 99 Problems and Floyd Mayweather Is One

Mayweather is famous for his boxing skills, but he’s also a serial domestic abuser.

By Rebecca McCray

Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao will face off Saturday night in Las Vegas in what some boxing fans are calling the fight of the century. Mayweather, who has nicknamed himself “Money,” could take home as much as $180 million for the fight, and tickets on StubHub are going for an average of $5,944 a pop, CBS News reports.

But as fans clamor to watch the fight on pay-per-view, one advocacy group says there’s another price tag worth considering: the cost of Mayweather’s domestic violence record.

Over 12 years, the famed boxer has been arrested or cited seven times for assaults on five different women—and that excludes the number of times police have been called in response to threats of violence from Mayweather. A campaign asking potential viewers to boycott the fight was launched this week by Breakthrough, an advocacy group that combats violence against women and girls through education, training, and campaigns. The group hopes to raise awareness about the fact that in spite of his domestic violence record, Mayweather has never been suspended from a professional boxing match.

Pointing out that many fans will pay $99 on pay-per-view to watch the fight at home Saturday night, the campaign underscores the literal costs of domestic violence. For example, every 0.6 seconds, U.S. taxpayers pay $99 for costs associated with domestic violence, according to data Breakthrough gathered from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The U.S. economy loses $99 every two minutes in workplace productivity because of domestic violence. These are just two of the many alarming costs the campaign creators hope will motivate viewers to “say no to #MayPac.”

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