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Imagine a world where young people treat each other with dignity, equality, and respect.

In that world, all students enjoy their right to education without violence. Campus sexual assault is rare. If it does occur, the response is compassionate and just. In this world, all students can reach their fullest potential.

We’re not there yet.

  • 1 in 4 college women and 1 in 16 college men experience sexual assault, according to some estimates.

  • More than 100 colleges and universities are under investigation for mishandling sexual assault cases.

  • Social norms fuel a culture that enables and excuses sexual violence.

  • Sexual assault on campus interferes with everyone’s right to an education free from violence.

When colleges take insufficient action to prevent sexual violence, students’ civil and human rights are violated. All people have the right to education free from sex discrimination, including sexual harassment and assault.

Sexual violence persists because powerful cultural forces suggest that it is normal and acceptable, even inevitable. While a minority of people commit sexual assault, the majority culture, on campus and beyond, creates an environment—known as “rape culture”—that enables, excuses, minimizes, even glamorizes sexual, gender-based, and interpersonal violence.

But we can build that world, together.

We can reduce and prevent sexual violence on campus by working to make it unacceptable. We will transform the culture that normalizes violence and create a campus culture where all students thrive.

Now is the moment for culture change.

Today, the problem of campus sexual assault is seen as more than just shutting down a bunch of parties. People are paying attention. Demand for change is all over the news and national agenda. Students are taking more visible action than ever. The White House is holding campus administrations publicly accountable. It’s about building an environment where everyone can reach their full potential.

Here’s what we have to do.

  • Ensure that more campus groups are working together to stop sexual violence and rape culture.

  • Hold perpetrators those who implicitly or indirectly support rape culture accountable.

  • Build the number of students and allies motivated to promote healthy relationships and respectful actions as the norm.

  • Help campus communities better understand how ending sexual assault and rape culture is in their best interest.

  • Challenge administrations to revisit policies and practices that contribute to rape culture.

bring breakthrough to your campus

We are on it.

  • Transforming culture. We work with fraternity members and allies to identify and challenge the cultural factors driving sexual violence on campus.

  • Enhancing leadership: We hold transformative workshops that unleash the potential of fraternity men  to identify and transform the cultures that drive sexual violence.

  • Uniting allies: We bring together the Greek community and the sexual violence prevention field for maximum alignment, scale, and impact.

So are you.

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  • JOIN our Facebook group for Greeks and non-Greeks dedicated to discussion and collaboration. You will share and learn about current trends, resources, best practices, benefits, and challenges in preventing campus-based sexual violence. Email: joe@breakthrough.tv for information.

  • FIND OUT how your Greek organization can partner with us to end sexual violence on campus. If you’re ready to take a bigger step toward challenging sexual violence, we are ready for you.


Sexual assault is pervasive because our culture allows it to persist. Violence prevention can’t focus just on the perpetrators and the survivors. It has to involve everyone. — President Barack Obama


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