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Breakthrough shows how storytelling can turn gender equality pledges into reality

October 7, 2015 2015

On Sunday, the heads of state at the United Nations General Assembly spent the day making pledges to gender equality–and Breakthrough spent the day talking about how storytelling and culture can make those pledges a reality. At a parallel event…

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Men join the fight to stop rape on college campuses

Last semester Breakthrough and IU MARS (Men Against Rape and Sexual Abuse) joined forces to support and drive culture change at Indiana University. IU MARS was founded specifically to work with men who are part of the Greek system and…

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Pledge to Support Pop Culture That Powers Gender Equality

via Take Part About the Pledge: Imagine a world where homes and streets are safe, relationships are happy and healthy, and people can be who they need to be. How can we build that world? We can start by making…

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