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What do you wish you had known about your college before you arrived?

What questions couldn’t you fully answer beforehand? We’ve got a couple: What if I’m sexually assaulted on campus? How will the college handle it?

It’s no secret that 1 in 5 women and 1 in 16 men are sexually assaulted on campus. The Princeton Review links only to schools’ self-reported—and typically inaccurate—crime data.

From a statistically-sound research point of view, perceptions correspond to reality. The Princeton Review knows this. They survey more than 100,000 students every year on their perceptions on everything from the professors to how beautiful the campus is—yet they don’t ask college students if they feel safe.


The Princeton Review is in a unique position to give parents and students the vital information they need to make an important life decision.

As expert Michael Kimmel and Breakthrough’s country director Phoebe Schreiner wrote in TIME, “The system is already in place. This vast and valuable survey needs to include discussions about safety and sexual violence.”

What’s more–The Princeton Review can also contribute to the culture shift around campus sexual assault. Ranking colleges on how they’re handling sexual assault will change the game. It could actually help make campus administrators prioritize prevention and response.

That’s why Breakthrough – and thousands of you! – called on The Princeton Review make a public pledge to survey students about their perceptions of safety and sexual assault on their campuses to include in their national college rankings.

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