#LockerRoomTalk can be harmful.

Football season isn’t only about touchdowns and team spirit. We need to be mindful of how we talk about gender in gendered spaces. Like the locker room. Unfortunately, locker rooms can incite conversations that reinforce toxic gender norms and gender policing. Together, we can challenge the notion of #lockerroomtalk and make gendered spaces safe places for all.


Ready for the #LockerRoomChallenge?

The challenge: this football season, rethink harmful gender norms and gender policing in locker rooms and other gendered spaces. Let’s take apart the norms we have internalized, examine “girl”/”guy” code, and replace the negative norms with positive ones. We must work together to make locker room talk healthy for all.

Don’t fumble. Take the #LockerRoomChallenge!

The goal is to make the locker room (and other gendered spaces) a neutral zone. We have to change the culture around negative communication within gendered spaces and make these spaces healthy and positive for all. How do you do this? Start the challenge by sharing your story! By talking about your experiences, we can begin to reassess the ways these norms connect to bullying and violence. Don’t fumble! Submit your story by clicking on the button below.

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