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Things like “revenge porn” – or as we prefer to say, non-consensual photo sharing – are just a new way of committing the same violence we’ve all been working to change for years.

UCLA’s Bruin Consent Coalition says it’s time this stops. Here’s how you can help.

Share the images

As featured in Refinery29!

Let’s Picture Consent challenges us to think about the different ways that non-consensual photo sharing happen. Share the images on Facebook to get your friends involved!

Read up on the issue.

Soon you’ll be an expert too – and that makes it so much easier to make a difference.

Take action on your campus.

Interested in bringing Let’s Picture Consent, or something like it, to your campus? Our Action Hotline is the place to start.

Share a story.

Have you experienced non-consensual photo sharing, or shared photos without consent? Share your story on THE G WORD, Breakthrough’s storytelling platform!