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No one gets harassed for walking down the street. No one gets teased for “throwing like a girl.” Homes are safe, relationships are healthy. Everyone is free to go where they need to go. Everyone is free to be who they need to be.

We are building that world. Now. In this lifetime. In this generation, and for the next.

It all starts with you.

More and more people are seeing their responsibility—and their power—to step up and make change around them. Especially when it comes to challenging the cultural attitudes and assumptions that can make violence seem a normal or inevitable response to personal or social issues.

You know better. We can all do better.

When everyone takes action, we change the world.

You can start by sharing this video with a friend, or all your friends. When you do, you’ll show that violence, and the norms that fuel it, touch us all—and hold us all back. You will show how simple actions add up. You’ll get people thinking about their own power to make a difference among their own peers and spheres. You’ll show that you stand for courage, accountability, and compassion. And you will help drive the culture change needed to make violence against women—and everyone—unacceptable.

What will your breakthrough be?

Meet Dean Obeidallah.

dean Obediallah


A woman is attacked every 15 seconds in this country. If women were doing that to men, we’d have gender profiling, we’d want terror alerts, we’d be going crazy. It’s time for men to step up, speak up, hold ourselves accountable, and challenge cultural norms about what behavior we consider acceptable.


Dean’s breakthrough: he produced a show in New York City called Dudes Against Violence Against Women: Because DUH. The show rallied male comics to stand up for the cause and sent the message—to the sold-out crowd and beyond—that dudes ARE against violence against women (because DUH).

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