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Can’t go to the show? Want to do more?

Here are a whole bunch of things you can watch, read, do, and share. It’s like the Dudes Against Violence Against Women play-at-home game!

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Here’s where we are.

ON THE ONE HAND, sexism and assault are minimized, normalized, and institutionalized.
ON THE OTHER HAND, #metoo and #timesup are happening.
ON THE OTHER-OTHER HAND, turns out—for one thing—a majority of dudes do not know or get what #MeToo is about.
So we’ve got a running start, and we’ve got to keep moving.


Here’s what we’ve got.

Pop culture. Pop culture matters. Pop culture (which of course includes comedy) not only entertains, but also enshrines principles of our collective what’s-okay-ness. It also evolves. We can demand pop culture that helps establish thoughtful norms around how we treat each other, and we can create (or at least share) pop culture that does the same.

So take a look at our pop-culture inspired resources on gender-based discrimination and violence and gender equality—and take action!


Breakthrough U

Gender norms like “act like a lady” and “boys will be boys” may seem harmless, but watch how these attitudes about gender embolden Norm to share intimate photos of Norma – and how she is shamed for his decision to violate her consent. Not cool – and yet: it happens all the time.

Every family, group of friends, and community has a culture. And culture constantly evolves. That means you have the power to reinforce harmful norms OR to transform your culture into something fairer, more inclusive, and more compassionate. The choice is yours.

Sometimes we feel powerless as a result of our overlapping identities – as though it is impossible to change our circumstances. Through an intersectional view of privilege and oppression we can all access power in ways we never knew were possible!

Be That Guy

We’ve all been there. You’re at a party and there’s someone running their mouth and being disrespectful. Everyone rolls their eyes, but no one DOES anything. What’s that about?

That Guy—like many men—sees women as equals. But That Guy is NOT silent when men treat women otherwise.That guy stands for something better.

Uncool behavior can happen anywhere—and it’s definitely a buzzkill when it does. But we know that sports fans are not fans of sexual harassment. So join the team.


Gender norms and expectations affect everyone differently, but they do affect everyone. Meet Rex. His story of wanting to be perfect and make his family proud is not unlike many other untold stories. Stories that help us imagine the world we want to live in.

Meet Jayson P. Smith. He’s a poet and teacher from New York. Hear his story of navigating his identity as a queer, Black man.

Sir Patrick Stewart, Dean Obeidallah, Harinder, and Shilpi share their stories of standing up for gender justice.

The Breakthrough Generation

What do you do when entire organizations display misogynistic and rape culture promoting banners? Simple. Mobilize others to challenge that messaging.

Gendered spaces reinforce stereotypes, invalidate identities, and normalize division. One student took action on campus to change all of that.

Party culture and rape culture have often gone hand-in-hand. Molly wanted to keep the fun but build it into a culture of respect, and she did it.



“Where’s your other character?”  “I got rid of him and made this one.”
“Is that a GIRL?”  “Yes it is a girl”  “Why are you playing as a girl?”
We love this father’s attention to his son’s recognition of gender norms.

Who decided that football was manly and singing was not? Don’s story reminds us that what’s important is to be true to who you are, not what others expect.

Jazz and Ashley could certainly pass the #ChoreChallenge. How do you divide responsibilities at home?

Know Your Norms

We often feel entitled to what exists on our own phone or computer, but is that always the case?

Let’s be clear, there is nothing wrong with having lots of sex, or with being straight. But when men set their value and worth on how much sex they are having–and when we as a society police men and men’s behavior to make sure they are having enough sex to keep their “man card”–we have a problem.

Even if domestic violence isn’t happening to you, or near you—or by you—it affects everyone in some way because it affects society. But that also means that everyone has the power to help stop it.


Not that everything above isn’t also shareable, but here are some quick jokes, memes, and gifs to help you spread the word that dudes are against violence against women!

Memes and shareable images:

Other ways you can take action!

Tell your own #Dudes18 joke!

Now it’s your turn. Send us your best comical way to change culture and we’ll amplify the message (and you with it) on twitter, instagram, and/or facebook. Email us at dudes@breakthrough.tv with your name, social handle, and your idea for a tweet, meme, gif, graphic, etc. and let us share your best #dudes2018 humor.

Write your own G WORD Story!

You’ve had an opportunity to watch/read some great stories of overcoming gender norms and toxic masculinity. We also want to hear from you.

Everyone has a story—epic or everyday—about coming up against gender-based norms that perpetuate inequality, discrimination and violence. Your story doesn’t have to be about being a victim, or a hero. We have all played some version of both these roles, —and many others in between. When we share and read each other’s stories, we find new paths for empathy. And our power to transform culture lies in deploying empathy, community, and imagination.

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Not everyone has the capacity to develop an entire comedy show, but even smaller actions like rejecting gender stereotypes using a game avatar can make a difference. We all have the power to build the world we want to live in (and have fun while we’re doing it).