DUDES is Back!

On January 30, 2019, Breakthrough is back with a new slate of guest comedians using their talents to show dudes that dudes can stand up against gender based violence and for gender equality. And dude…They’re seriously funny. Keep an eye here for updates and advance ticket sales. You won’t want to miss it dude.

Why do we need #DUDES19? Dude, just listen to Rob Paravonian from our 2018 show.

Or watch highlights from our debut show in 2014, dude.

Dude, we've even got highlights from our 2015 show!

**From One Million Men to a handful of Dudes

In March of 2013, with the launch of Breakthrough’s Ring the Bell: One Million Men, One Million Promises campaign, Breakthrough asked men worldwide to step up and make violence against women their issue. Breakthrough friend Dean Obeidallah did just that and pledged to devote his skills—comedy and advocacy—toward helping us launch this show in 2014.

Now we’re asking you to step up and let the world know that gender based violence isn’t just a women’s issue, but that it is everyone’s issue. Even if you can’t attend the show (though we hope you do!), you can still take part in #Dudes19. Sign up below and we’ll send you more information on how you can get involved!

Want to dude more?

Click here to see a whole bunch of things you can watch, read, do, and share without even leaving home. It’s like the Dudes Against Violence Against Women play-at-home game!

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Dude, you want to know as soon as tickets go on sale, right?

Sign up here for updates and keep an eye out for information about our 2019 show!

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