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Thank you for making #Dudes18 a success!

Last night showed us that we all have a role to play in ending violence against women. Our guest comedians used their talents for good; what talents and skills do YOU have that can be used in the fight for gender equality? Let us know on social media using #DUDES18!


Judah Friedlander (30 Rock)

Roy Wood, Jr. (Daily Show with Trevor Noah, Comedy Central’s This Is Not Happening)

Dean Obeidallah** (Host of SiriusXM radio’s The Dean Obeidallah Show)

Josh Gondelman (writer, Last Week Tonight With John Oliver)

Jordan Carlos (Colbert Report, Larry Wilmore)

Rob Paravonian (Comedy Central, Dr. Demento, Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn)

Eddie Sarfaty (Comedy Central, Logo)

with special guest and emcee

Negin Farsad (NPR, HBO, Fake the Nation)

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Host Committee

Nasser Ahmad & Romita Shetty

Marilia Bezerra*

Christina Blacken

Christina Clare

Mallika Dutt*

Eataly Flatiron

Kamal Fizazi

GOLD Comedy

Michael* Hirschhorn & Jimena Martinez

Tom Johnson

Dixie Laite

Colin Lingle

Camille Massey* and Gillie Holme

National Jazz Museum in Harlem

Daniel Radosh

Joanne* Sandler & Ray Tekosky

Sunil* Savkar & Stefanie Birkmann

Mona* & Ravi* Sinha

23rd Street Salon Writing Group

Sarah Vitti

Andrew E. Wagner

Erin White

Honorary Host Committee

Ted Alexandro

Todd Barry

Soraya Chemaly

Nore Davis

Rachel Dratch

Ophira Eisenberg

Dan Etheridge

Christian Finnegan

Jaclyn Friedman

Kate Harding

Piper Kerman

Chris Kluwe

Jennifer L. Pozner

Greg Proops

Daniel Radosh

JD Roberto

Larry Smith

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Girl Be Heard

Girls for Gender Equity

The Hunting Ground






*Breakthrough Board Member

MEDIA Highlights

(We’ll be sharing photos and video highlights from this year’s show soon! In the meantime, check out this video of why we’re doing the show by comic Rob Paravonian as well as highlights from our past shows)

Why we're doing #DUDES18 - Rob Paravonian

Highlights from our debut show in 2014!

Highlights from our 2015 show!

**From One Million Men to a handful of Dudes

In March of 2013, with the launch of Breakthrough’s Ring the Bell: One Million Men, One Million Promises campaign, Breakthrough asked men worldwide to step up and make violence against women their issue. Breakthrough friend Dean Obeidallah did just that and pledged to devote his skills—comedy and advocacy—toward helping us launch this show in 2014.

Now we’re asking you to step up and let the world know that gender based violence isn’t just a women’s issue, but that it is everyone’s issue. Even if you can’t attend the show (though we hope you do!), you can still take part in #Dudes18. Sign up below and we’ll send you more information on how you can get involved!

Want to do more?

Click here to see a whole bunch of things you can watch, read, do, and share without even leaving home. It’s like the Dudes Against Violence Against Women play-at-home game!

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We’ll be back!

Missed the show this year? SUPER BUMMED ABOUT IT? Keep an eye out for information about our next show!