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Campus sexual assault is a problem everywhere. No campus is immune. And when students experience or fear sexual violence, they can’t get what they’re supposed to out of their college education. That shouldn’t be okay with anyone.

And today, more and more people are saying it’s NOT okay. The White House, the mass media, parents, students, alumni, fraternities and sororities, and others are talking about campus sexual assault. Many schools are under Title IX investigations, facing expensive lawsuits, or both–and their reputations are suffering. That’s why now is the time to act.

And it’s time for college and university presidents to step up and take action.

Breakthrough called on college presidents to create a LEGACY of making campus sexual violence unacceptable.

Students are joining us, urging their campus presidents to take clear and actionable steps.

Why college presidents? A recent study showed that on campuses where college leaders are perceived as strong on reducing sexual violence, there is less sexual violence.

What can college and university presidents do if they want to make ending sexual violence their legacy? We’ve got some ideas.

Check out more of our work on campus sexual violence


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