Breakthrough VOICES is a curated series featuring creatives whose artistic works align with Breakthrough’s mission of ending gender-based violence.


Breakthrough VOICES will provide a place for cultural workers and artists committed to social justice to bring their messages forward. To change hearts and minds through media, arts, and technology, Breakthrough VOICES will leverage methods like film, theatre, performance art, song, dance, spoken word, and more. The artists and their work, all with messages of social change will be supported by Breakthrough’s events, social media, and digital tools, and creative partnerships.


Alicia Jamison grew up in Scottsdale, Arizona where she did not see many faces that looked like hers. She was one of five black people in her graduating class. Naturally, she faced adversity on a regular basis. She wrote “Black Girl Magic”, a spoken word poem, when she moved to New York and began to understand the sorcery of her melanin. Today Alicia is a proud black woman who loves her skin. She now is working to help other women of color find love for their skin as well as an understanding of the power they hold.


Quantum Split is a diverse youthful rock group that takes their platform and uses it to spread love and unity. It’s about time we use music again to make a difference. These inner city kids have worked so hard to create music that empowers people and they deserve to be heard.

This band is making a name for themselves by touring, including shows in New York City at notable locations such as Irving Plaza and the Gramercy Theatre. They have been requested to go to Africa three times, and have been sponsored by the US Embassy in Kigali, Rwanda because of their message of love and unity. They perform original songs and music, written by Berklee College of Music student, Lead Singer, and Guitarist Soleil Laurent, with her fellow band mates Adrian Read (Lead Guitarist), Ivan Hardy (Bass Guitarist), and Richard Chen (Drummer). 


stylized as marked dance project

Mark Travis Rivera is the artistic director and founder of marked dance project, a contemporary dance company for disabled and non-disabled dancers based in New York City. Founded in March of 2009, Rivera became the youngest person in the United States to artistically direct and found an integrated dance company. Having performed throughout the tri-state region, MDP aims to break barriers and expose audiences to the various possibilities of what it means to be a dancer.


Jarrett Key is a Brooklyn based artist whose work integrates movement, heightened language, and music predominantly. They are a recent grad from Brown University, where they double concentrated in Theater Arts and Public Policy.

Jarrett is primarily a Producer and Director/Choreographer for theater, music, and dance. Since their arrival to the city, Jarrett has integrated visual and literary art into their body of work. Jarrett enjoys telling stories and engaging the community in the moments they create in their work.

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