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Be That Guy… at the race!

80% of men are uncomfortable when women are disrespected. It’s not just you. BE THAT GUY and speak up!


Sexual harassment happens everywhere. Not just on the sidewalk or in the staff room, but also at sports bars, in the stands—maybe right next to you.


But we know that sports fans are not fans of sexual harassment. Or violence and discrimination against women in any form.


When someone talks down to or about a woman, BE THAT GUY and speak up. Be the one who says, “Not cool.” Because you know that even random offhand comments aren’t cool and that letting them go fuels other kinds of disrespect and discrimination—even harassment and assault. Because you know that if everyone feels safe, respected, and able to be their best selves, everyone wins. And because you know what? When you step up, your team will have your back.


THAT GUY can be anyone. Guy, girl, YOU.

THAT GUY knows that harassing, demeaning, or making gross comments to or about women is unacceptable, even if s/he might not call it “violence.”

THAT GUY knows that—while most guys don’t choose to be violent or disrespectful toward women—not being violent is just a start. (A good start, but a start.)

THAT GUY knows that if he or someone he knows is committing violence (or crossing the line in some way), it needs to stop—and support is available.

THAT GUY is not some kind of hero! But he gets that violence and discrimination are unacceptable and bad for everyone. Including guys. He’s just the guy who speaks up or takes action. And when he steps up, other guys do too.



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