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The #MeToo movement will not be left behind in 2017.

But as we dive into the new year, there’s a question on our minds—where does the movement go from here?

Thousands have shared their stories. The Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund has raised millions. But how can we all, on a daily basis, make strides to ensure that no one else has to say #MeToo?

That’s why we’re inviting you to #ActToo.

Together, we’ll commit to daily actions that will change the culture in our work spaces, social spaces, and digital spaces.

What we need is culture change. Disrupting and transforming deeply rooted social norms can seem huge—and it certainly is—but it can only happen because of you. Your daily actions accumulate, inspire others, and will shift the power dynamics that excuse abuse, silence survivors, and perpetuate harm. #ActToo asks us all to take these steps together in order to tip the scales and create real change.

Human rights start with you.

Click on the images below for resources and to join the conversation, or share the image and your own #ActToo story on social. You can also email us at ActToo@breakthrough.tv.

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#MeToo includes undocumented women too. And for undocumented women in the service industry, the barriers to reporting harassment can often seem insurmountable. But as a consumer, you can serve something right back—dignity, equality, and respect.


Learn more about how you can #ActToo here!