My World in Fifty Words

August 30, 2017 2017, Actions, Gender Policing

Meet Govind Ramakrishnan

He is a high school student at Trinity School in New York. He is the founder of a non-profit organization: Youth Against Sexual Assault (YASA). He is a contributing writer to Opus Media, one of UK’s leading publishing and media companies.

Govind writes a mix of free verse, haiku, senryu, and tanka poetry. His poems have been published on two popular websites: as well as He has penned over 400 poems to date. His haiku poems have also been featured in the prominent english haiku journal: ‘Presence’.

Govind has worked at the Agastya International Foundation in Kuppam, India. In the summer of 2016, he conducted a poetry workshop at Agastya for the village children on how to write haiku and tanka poetry.

In his spare time, he plays table tennis, learns meditation at the Art of Living and practices kickboxing and shaolin kung fu.

YASA Partners With Breakthrough

We are excited to announce that as of the beginning of August, YASA will be officially partnering with the Breakthrough organization. All of the money from the sale of his book “My World in Fifty Words” will go directly to fund some of our projects. We are excited and look forward to combating issues of gender violence and discrimination together!

Check out more from Govind

Lens Of Gender

(a poem by Govind Ramakrishnan)

See me
As a person
Not just as
Your mother, wife, sister, or daughter
See me
As an equal
Not just as
An object of desire or beauty
See me
As an agent for change
Not just in
Your stereotypical ways
See me, see me, please see me!
See me
Not through
That lens of gender
But through your soul
Which is
Innately androgynous

Does Govind’s action inspire you to do more? Check out Breakthrough’s Action Hotline to get support from our experts as you take action.