On Tap Project

Meet Rachel Thursby

She is studying at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Rachel is one of Breakthrough’s 2016-17 Fellows. She is majoring in English, and volunteering for the Networking, Publicity, and Action group in UMich’s Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Center.

Rachel, along with our other five Fellows, worked with Breakthrough during the 2016-17 school year to challenge the culture of gender-based violence on his campus.

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Rachel’s Action

UMich is a serious party school, with a social scene that revolves around Division I sports. Rachel saw their peers struggling with the intersection between alcohol and consent. Many students seemed aware that alcohol could be used as a tool to facilitate sexual violence, but thoughts varied around how consent could be asked for, given, or received when alcohol was involved.

Rachel launched the On Tap Project to combat this lack of understanding through a social media campaign. They approach the issue from a student’s’ perspective, pulling the language for their campaign directly from interviews with students around the issue. They also plan to play off the university’s (failed) alcohol education programs.

Photos by Claire Peterson.

Want to recreate Rachel’s action on your campus? We can show you how!

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