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“Be That Guy” (#BeThatGuy) is an initiative launched in 2013 to encourage men to take concrete action to end gender-based violence and harassment

  • That Guy is not a hero. But he gets the basics. Gender-based violence is unacceptable and bad for everyone. Including guys. He’s just the guy who speaks up or takes action. And when he steps up, other guys do too.
  • That Guy knows that while most guys choose not to be violent toward women, not committing violence is just a start. (A good start, but a start). That Guy knows that if he or a guy he knows is committing violence, that it needs to stop, and that support is available.
  • That Guy knows that even street harassment or nasty comments create and sustain a culture of inequality that enables everything from rudeness to violence.
  • That Guy—even by saying, “Dude, knock it off”—is breaking the rules of that culture and helping create a new one in which all people are treated respectfully and able to be their best selves.

Anyone can #BeThatGuy by taking concrete action to end gender-based violence. Let’s start a movement of people who aren’t afraid to speak up and step in! How will you #BeThatGuy?

Be That Guy: Nascar

#BeThatGuy debuted in an animated PSA that ran 72 times at the NASCAR Miami Speedway Championship in November 2013, reaching enormous newand receptive audiences and generating coverage in The Guardian, The Good Men Project, and more. #BeThatGuy represents Breakthrough’s commitmentas in its global Ring the Bell campaignto inspiring men and women around the world to take action to make gender-based violence unacceptable.

That Guylike many mensees women as equals. But That Guy is NOT silent when men treat women otherwise.That guy stands for something better.

Be That Guy: Green Bay

Everyone gets excited for the Super Bowl. We’re stoked to cheer for our team, party with friends, rate the commercialsand stop sexual harassment. Wait, what? — Yep! Uncool behavior can happen anywhereand it’s definitely a buzzkill when it does. But we know that sports fans are not fans of sexual harassment. So join the team. Stand up against harassment, and declare your party a safe space for all: #BeThatGuy at the Super Bowl and other sporting events.

Be That Guy: Green Bay is a 30 second animation set at Lambeau Field calling on Packers fansand everyoneto challenge gender-based violence, even in its tiniest everyday forms. The animation debuted at the Green Bay Packers’ home games in October 2014 and played through the NFL season.

Be That Guy: Mating Calls of the Male American Beerfinch

Research shows that 80% of young men feel uncomfortable around discrimination and disrespect against women. It’s not just you. Check out this brand-new animation calling on you to hold yourself and others accountable for making disrespect, discrimination, and violence against women unacceptable.

We’ve all been there. You’re at a party and there’s someone running their mouth and being disrespectful. Everyone rolls their eyes, but no one DOES anything. What’s that about?

The third in the #BeThatGuy series encourages people to actually DO SOMETHING. If you’re feeling uncomfortable, chances are someone else is, too. Let’s start a movement of people who aren’t afraid to call out their friends when they act out.


Award-winning poet/actor Carlos Andrés Gómez teamed up with Breakthrough to create this intense video of his poem “When” to say that all men have the power to #BeThatGuy who challenges violence against women. Note: This video uses strong themes and language.

You can read more about Carlos’s call to action here: Be That Guy Movement – End Violence Against Women.


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7 Ways to Be That Guy At The Superbowl (or any sporting event) – This resource was originally designed for Superbowl XLIX, but is still relevant today. Check it out here.

10 Ways to Be That Guy Online – You might hear, or think, that we should ignore it—hey, it’s not “real.” But online harassment is actually hurtful, silencing, and even threatening IRL. So what can we do to change that? Here are our tips on how to Be That Guy online so that everyone feels safe and respected.

9 Ways to Be That Guy on Campus – It’s not news that sexual violence is a problem on campuses across the country. But amidst all the national debates, policy changes, and admin crackdowns, the question remains: “What’s a guy to do?

#BeThatGuy 16 Days of Activism – Want to know how you can call out gender violence on your college campus and in your community? In 2014, we put together ways you can put a stop to sexist and violent behavior so that you’re equipped to challenge sexual assault that you can still utilize today.

So tell us, how will you #bethatguy?

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