Another reason to love New York: the city’s new Commission on Gender Equity

June 25, 2015 Uncategorized

One great thing about New York City: you can get a decent slice of pizza any time, day or night.

Another great thing about New York City? The new and one of a kind Commission for Gender Equity, which Mayor Bill de Blasio established on June 25 “to achieve economic mobility and social inclusion of all New Yorkers, particularly women and girls, and ensure their public safety.” Here, “all New Yorkers” also explicitly includes transgender and genderqueer individuals.

Even greater? Our own president and CEO, Mallika Dutt,, was named to the commission along with a diverse and impressive group leaders in business, non-profit, and more. “I am honored and humbled to join this group of accomplished leaders who can help New York City become a place where all people enjoy their human rights and live with equality, dignity, and justice,” she says. “Locally and globally, we stand at a tipping point where deep culture change is within our grasp, and I believe that New York can lead the way. Together we can build a city–and a world–where homes and streets are safe, relationships are healthy, and opportunity is equal for all.”

“New York is a city spiritually defined by inclusion and diversity, and it’s imperative that all New Yorkers, regardless of sex, gender or sexual orientation, are treated equally,” said Mayor de Blasio. “This historic new commission will help us to use every tool we have to create a truly equal city for all New Yorkers.”

They will be providing valuable insight and advice to the Mayor in reducing the inequality of women in New York. They will also educate and advocate for women, girls, transgender, and intersex New Yorkers. The Mayor-–with the help of the commission–-will leverage every power of city government to expand and increase opportunity for all New Yorkers.

For more info and to read our press release, click here.