Lynn Harris

Lynn Harris

Vice President, Communications

Lynn Harris is a believer, and leader, in the power of pop culture to drive change. She brings to Breakthrough more than two decades of experience in journalism, advocacy, and pop culture designed to make a difference. She has written extensively about women’s rights, reproductive justice, gender, religion, disability, and culture (sometimes all at once). Her award-winning work has appeared in The New York Times,, The, Glamour, and many more. She is co-creator, with Chris Kalb, of the (also) award-winning Breakup Girl, the only superhero who works to save the world by saving your love life, and who came to life online, on TV, in books, and on stage (in Breakup Girl LIVE!, Gotham Comedy Club’s longest-running variety show). Lynn is author of several novels and non-fiction books, including Death By Chick Lit (deemed “brilliant” by New York Magazine) and Breakup Girl to the Rescue! In ancient times, she was a standup comic, a member of the Brooklyn Blades women’s ice hockey team, and Vice President for Public Relations for NOW’s Boston chapter. She now volunteers as a mentor-editor with The Op-Ed Project. A graduate of Yale, Lynn lives in Brooklyn with her husband, Rabbi David Adelson, and Bess and Sam, their two generally agreeable children.

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