Breakthrough Mission

breakthroug mission

We envision a world where all people enjoy their human rights and live with dignity, equality, and justice.

We can build this world by making violence and discrimination against women and girls unacceptable.

Our mission is to prevent violence against women by transforming the norms and cultures that enable it.

We carry out this mission by building a critical mass of change agents worldwide—the Breakthrough Generation—whose bold collective action will deliver irreversible impact on the issue of our time.

Human rights belong to everyone. The tools now exist to help everyone lay their claim. But these tools are useless without the power of individuals and communities committed to upholding these rights to create a better future. And that commitment starts with you.

How We Drive Culture Change in the U.S.

Through a potent mix of deeply transformative on-the-ground engagement, innovative social and multimedia campaigns, game-changing partnerships, and agenda setting, we make the issue of violence against women real, relevant, urgent, and actionable to all.

We embolden sports fans and students to challenge sexual harassment.

Breaking through stereotypes and silences, we enable a critical mass of allies to stop sexual harassment in public spaces. Our edgy animations—screened at sporting events from the Indy 500 to tailgate parties in Green Bay, covered by global news media, and seen by millions through the hashtag #bethatguy—have measurably increased viewers’ willingness to call out harassment and set new public standards for all.

We equip new leaders to prevent campus sexual violence.

Shaped by in-depth formative research, our on-campus leadership trainings unleash the potential of fraternity men and allies to dismantle rape culture from within and across the ecosystem that fuels it. We build confidence, trigger a multiplier effect, and send the message that sexual violence on campus and beyond is everyone’s problem to solve.

We inspire pop culture creators to shift norms and spark action.

We motivate entertainment icons and power brokers, creators and consumers, to challenge narratives that minimize or glamourize violence against women—and to mobilize wide new audiences for change. Inspired by Breakthrough, Conor Oberst’s band Desaparecidos promoted immigrant women’s rights on a recent U.S. tour. Comedian Dean Obeidallah produced the show “Dudes Against Violence Against Women: Because DUH,” calling on comedians and fans to step up. Sir Patrick Stewart shared his family history of domestic violence to universalize the issue and urge action.

Who is the Breakthrough Generation?

Breakthrough generation

You are the Breakthrough Generation.

You understand that while the global epidemic of violence against women might seem impossibly huge, or distant, it affects us all. You understand that everyday norms—casual sexism, discriminatory laws and customs, rigid definitions of what it “means” to be a man or a woman—enable violence and discrimination. They hold us all back.

You know that your actions can transform those everyday norms.

You know that stopping violence against women is not about heroics, or merely physical intervention. You know that it’s about transforming our culture from one that values power and dominance to one that values equality and respect.

You believe that when we make violence against women unacceptable, we build a world in which all of us are able to enjoy our human rights and be our best, truest selves.

You know that too many people are silent in the face of violence and discrimination. You know that you can—and must—speak up. You know that change is possible—and urgently needed— today.

You believe that human rights start with you.

What will your breakthrough be?