Join Our Team


Imagine a world in which violence against women and girls is unacceptable—out-there, unusual, just not done. In that world, everyone has equal access to hope, happiness, human rights. And by joining our team—and the Breakthrough Generation—you will help get us there.


This is your opportunity to:

  •    become a key player in an award-winning organization recognized globally for its ambitious, audacious campaigns, programs, and partnerships that have made human rights real, relevant, and urgent for millions worldwide.
  •    join an energetic, creative, close-knit team, based in the U.S. and India, that thrives on innovation and collaboration.
  •    help drive the culture and norm change required to prevent violence against women and promote the human rights of all.
  •    help build local, national, and global demand for women’s and human rights.
  •    equip new leaders to take bold action to make violence against women everyone’s issue.
  •    implement game-changing approaches to ending sexual harassment and assault, domestic violence, early marriage, son preference, violence against women in pop culture, and more.
  •    use arts, media, and tech to grab mass attention and drive irreversible change.

We say “Human rights start with you.” So when do you start?