Breakthrough is a global human rights organization working to make violence and discrimination against women and girls unacceptable. Our cutting-edge multimedia campaigns, community mobilization, agenda-setting, and leadership training equip men and women worldwide to challenge the status quo and take bold action for the dignity, equality, and justice of all.

Inspiration Awards

Breakthrough hosted its 2016 gala, with over 400 social leaders and change actors in attendance.  Dinesh

Skoll Award

Breakthrough was one of six recipients of the Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship.  The Skoll Award

Facebook Case Study

2016 Facebook published a case study highlighting Breakthrough’s work to target micro-communities–specifically, single college campuses–using


Breakthrough launched THE G WORD, an online storytelling platform designed to transform gender norms, one


This campaign encouraged and empowered women to share their stories of sexual harassment with the

Mission Hazaar

2015 Multimedia campaign promoting the human rights of girls and their value in families and

Banner Up

Breakthrough catalysts Will & Bill organized the Banner Up campaign on their campus at Indiana University

Campus Catalyst Programs

Breakthrough’s on-campus programs mobilized first members of Greek life, then a wider range of students, to

Dudes Against Violence Against Women 2015

2015 Our second comedy show sold out faster than the last, sending the message that

Catalyst Training–NYC

Over three trainings held in July and October 2015 and January 2016, 45 of you came


2015 Breakthrough’s #noMayPac campaign, launched three days before the “fight of the century” between Floyd


2015 Our multimedia campaign helped more than 700,000 people identify and respond to sexual harassment

Nasdaq Ring The Bell

2015 Two years after the launch of the global Ring the Bell campaign, UN Women—inspired

Fraternities challenging campus sexual violence

2015 Shaped by in-depth formative research, our on-campus leadership trainings (piloting on three U.S. campuses)

Breakthrough Inspiration Awards

2014 Gala in New York City celebrating the courage and commitment of the Breakthrough Generation,


2014 10 days plus 25,000 selfies benefited 2,500 girls. With the support of Vodafone, millions

Be That Guy: football fans

2014 Our 30-second animation appeared at fan tailgates at all Green Bay Packers 2014-15 season.

Dudes Against Violence Against Women: Because DUH

2014 Our sold-out comedy show showed that dudes are against violence against women, and that

Board the Bus

2014 Thousands of women and allies boarded Delhi public buses—cheered on by millions on social

Be That Guy: racing fans

2013 Our edgy, funny 30-second animation—premiering on Jumbotrons at major NASCAR races, the Daytona 500,

Nation Against Early Marriage

2013 Highly visible national multimedia campaign challenging the deeply-rooted practice of early marriage and building

Ring the Bell: global

2013 Millions worldwide heard Sir Patrick Stewart’s call to action at the global launch of

Deport the Statue

Breakthrough’s 2013 Deport the Statue campaign — seizing a moment when both the Senate and


2012 Multimedia campaign that reached more than seven million people, propelled the rights of immigrant

America 2049

2011 This transmedia thriller brought human rights into gaming and new audiences into action. America2049 links the past to

I Am This Land

2010 Breakthrough’s call for young Americans to use their imaginative capacity to celebrate our nation’s

10th anniversary celebrations

2010 With a gala in New York City honoring Breakthrough Inspiration Awardee Eve Ensler, an

Bell Bajao (“Ring the Bell”)

2009 Calling on men and boys to challenge domestic violence, Bell Bajao marked a fundamental

Bell Bajao goes global

2010 Breakthrough brings Bell Bajao to the international stage, rallying new global ambassadors to the

Restore Fairness

2009 This multimedia initiative for racial justice positioned Breakthrough as a pioneer in the creative use

ICED – I Can End Deportation

2008 ICED made Breakthrough the first to use video game technology to educate and activate

Homeland Guantanamos

2008 Groundbreaking interactive multimedia online game putting players in the shoes of an undercover journalist

Is This Justice?

2007 Award-winning campaign drove large increase in awareness of the stigma and violence faced by

Why Can’t America Have Human Rights?

2006 Historic gathering at The Riverside Church with a wide range of activists and performers

What Kind of Man Are You?

2005 Brought unprecedented public attention in India to the vulnerability of married women to HIV/AIDS

Tri-Continental Film Festival

2004 Annually through 2009, Breakthrough showcased human rights cinema from South America, Africa, and Asia.

Rights Advocates

2004 In 2004-2005, Breakthrough trained 650+ students to become peer leaders and changemakers on women’s

Speak Up! Act Up! For a New America

2004 National immigrant youth and civic engagement initiative used theater, music, comic art and more

Waking the American Dream: Promoting Immigrant Rights

2003 Our national five-performance series featuring acclaimed performance artist Sarah Jones combined the emotional power

Concert for Peace

2001 After September 11, Breakthrough became a leading creative force in advocating against detention and deportation of

Mann ke Manjeere (Rhythm of the Mind): An Album of Women’s Dreams

2000 Breakthrough’s founding initiative. This chart-busting, multi-award-winning music album and video compilation stirred unprecedented discussion