Seriously – we don’t know how we got so lucky. They’re already doing the hard work to change their campuses for the better. We’re here with guidance, access to experts, and a stipend for their time.

Get to know our fellows!

Luis Fernandez

Luis attends Rutgers University, where he’s majoring in Information Technology and Informatics, with concentrations in Social Entrepreneurship and Spanish. He’s looking at how to use technology as a tool to disrupt violent and harmful norms surrounding gender-based violence, campus sexual assault, and interpersonal violence. Luis is the Global Executive Director of the Google Community Leaders Program New Brunswick, and has attended White House briefings on campus sexual assault on behalf of the National Association of BIG Ten Students. Luis is the first member of his family to attend college, and helped to break the world record for most people dancing the robot at the same time!


Gloria Fortuna

Gloria attends Davidson College, where she’s majoring in English and contemplating a minor in Gender & Sexuality studies. She helped to lead a Davidson Against Bigotry protest and attended American Friends Service Committee’s “Activist Training Camp.” Gloria recently interned with the Take Back the Night Foundation, serving on the planning committee for the first-ever International Summit to End Sexual Violence in July 2016. She’s looking forward to honing her skills as an activist so that regardless of where her career takes her, she can make a real difference in the world.

Cash Huynh

Cash attends Bates College, where they are majoring in Studio Art and Women and Gender Studies. They are a lead organizer for Bates Student Action, an organization working to build student power and help students lead campaigns that affect students on the campus, local, and state level. Cash wants to provide structure to our conversations about gender inclusion. They love dogs, coffee, and dismantling systemic racism.


Molly Sandstrom

Molly attends Brown University, where she has a double concentration in History and Education Studies. She’s a member of Brown’s Sexual Assault Peer Education group and spent the summer developing a new curriculum for the group that focuses on accountability and dismantling rape culture. Molly focuses on the intersections of activism and education, and in the long-term wants to work with middle and high schools on consent education. She’s a former competitive power lifter, and a fiercely loyal Midwesterner.

Courtenay Spalding

Courtenay attends Marist College, where she is majoring in Psychology with a minor in Cognitive Science. She is on the executive board of the Marist College Black Student Union. She is driven by the interconnected nature of the world’s problems, and wants to help end gender-based violence in part because she knows so many people who have been impacted. Courtenay hates running, but she will walk for miles and enjoy it.


Rachel Thursby

Rachel attends the University of Michigan, where they are majoring in English with a minor in Drama: Text to Performance. Rachel is a volunteer for the Networking, Publicity, and Action group in UMich’s Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Center. They’re looking forward to helping others on campus join them in challenging harmful behaviors. Rachel wants to be a high school English teacher, and their cat is (appropriately) named Gatsby.

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