In pop culture, violence against women is often gratuitous, “glamorous,” or even “hilarious!” (Not.)
We are changing that.
How? Well, pop culture—and its creators—also have the power to shift norms and spark action.
And so do you!

August 2014: Breakthrough’s first annual Dudes Against Violence Against Women: Because DUH show sells out New York City’s Gotham Comedy Club.

These nine stand-up dudes stood with women to say violence is everyone’s issue: Todd Barry, Rob Paravonian, Dean Edwards, Dean Obeidallah, Ted Alexandro, Walli Collins, Ritch Duncan, Adam Wade, and Pete Dominick. Show also endorsed/tweeted by: Sarah Silverman, Lewis Black, W. Kamau Bell, Andy Borowitz, Rachel Dratch, Lizz Winstead, Baratunde Thurston, Mike O’Malley, and more.

Inspired by Breakthrough’s global Ring the Bell campaign, Dean Obeidallah (comedian, writer, co-director of The Muslims Are Coming!) made a promise to help produce a comedy show that brought male comedians into the movement to end violence against women. This was that!

We went beyond LOLs.

impact impressions

37.5 million people heard about Dudes Against Violence Against Women through mainstream and social media.


Almost 1,000 people took action by attending the show, discussing violence against women in pop culture on social media, and learning more about the issue through Breakthrough’s online resources.


Breakthrough Generation catalysts took a public stand that put ending sexism in—and through—comedy in the national spotlight.


New audiences, new thinking: 89% of crowd new to Breakthrough. More than one-third said the show raised their awareness and made them think in new ways about their own power to challenge violence.

Meet Dean Obediallah.

dean Obediallah


Before I connected with Breakthrough, I had no clue that the NYPD receives more than 700 domestic violence calls per day. Before I tweeted about men’s obvious accountability for violence against women, I had no clue how many angry, defensive men would tweet back at me saying it’s not their problem. But it is. It’s our problem, and it’s my problem. And I’m doing something about it.


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