Sexual violence on college campuses is a massive problem.
We can fix it–if we get all hands on deck.

You are part of the solution.

What if fraternities and sororities were not all assumed to be part of the problem? What if you and your house could make a difference on the issue of sexual assault? What if you and your chapter could become campus–even national–leaders for change?

Together, we can make that happen.

Bonus: it’s free.

If you have the time and will, we can give you the training and the tools. In the past year, we’ve trained 350 students, faculty, and staff on 35 campuses across the U.S. to examine the norms that lead to violence and start changing them. When you’re ready to step up, we’re ready for you.

Unleash insanely untapped potential.

Here’s what Breakthrough gives you. FREE.

  • NEW SKILLS. An in-depth on-campus workshop covering: gender norms and narratives in society and on your campus; an introduction to gender-based violence, with a focus on campus sexual violence; skills and tools for speaking, organizing, and catalyzing culture change.

  • RESULTS. We’ll work with you to design relevant, simple, effective, and sustainable projects for your campus—and to make it happen.

  • MORE OPPS TO LEVEL UP. Participants become VIP members of the Breakthrough Generation: the generation that will end gender-based violence and discrimination. Immediate benefits include: additional trainings and collaboration, input into national and global programming, and more.

  • A DIFFERENCE YOU CAN FEEL GOOD ABOUT, EVERYWHERE. You’ll make change—all in service of Greek values—in your house, across your campus, and beyond. Also, let’s be honest, on your resume.

Bring Breakthrough to your campus.

Here’s what Breakthrough needs from you.

  • Up to 40 participants from one or more sororities and fraternities who are committed to taking concrete action to make sexual violence culturally unacceptable on campus.

  • Logistical support to host the workshop on campus.

    Don’t wait! Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, with priority to earlybirds.

Whether you are campus staff, faculty, administration, a chapter advisor, or an active member/alum, if you think Breakthrough’s Catalyst project is a good fit for your campus, contact to find out more. 

Here’s a story about one of our campus catalysts, as told by Breakthrough President Mallika Dutt.

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