No one gets harassed on the street. No one gets teased for “throwing like a girl.” Homes are safe, relationships are healthy. Everyone is free to be who they need to be.

We can build that world in this generation.

Let’s do this. Take action today!


39,748 people like you believe we should all have the chance to be our best selves.

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Meet the Breakthrough Generation.

Dean Obeidallah, Comedian

michele bachelet

Michelle Bachelet, President of Chile

Sir Patrick Stewart

Don McPherson, College Football Hall of Famer

Chad, member of Breakthrough’s college “bro trust” advisory board

michelle kaminsky

Michelle Kaminsky, Author


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Karalyn, who rang the bell

vanessa wojtala

Vanessa Wojtala, Breakthrough Media Ally


Andrew Wagner, Event Producer

catalysts_Nick Jaeger

Nick Jaeger, Breakthrough Inspiration Awardee

mona sinha

Mona Sinha, Breakthrough Inspiration Awards 2016 Co-Chair

Meet our Breakthrough partners.

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